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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Intellectual Rape

There was a time when programmes on TV made sense. Today, they make an ass out of themselves and a mockery of our intellect. Today, they make money.

They make my blood boil. And I make no bones about it.

Gone are the good old Sundays that started with BQC and ended with Filmy Chakkar. Today’s tube could make the veterans cringe in their retirements/graves. Glamour is in and so is the melodrama. What’s out is substance. I’m seriously!

I’m sick of this new plague that has come upon “entertainment” – reality shows. It’s a wonder how it has weeded the quizzes and the game shows totally out. All we have today are the same semi-celebs dancing in one reality show, anchoring the second and judging the third. Imagine Bindu Singh judging a dance competition!!! I’m ashamed of the times I’m living in! [Bindu Who? Well, sigh!]

I’m sick of painfully long “talent shows” where the exhibition of talent takes a minuscule proportion of the telecast while the majority is dominated by judges’ “commenting”/fighting or participants/their families/their neighbours/judges/anchors/all having their eyes and nostrils all welled up. Awwww!

I’m sick of the anchors who give their unwarranted opinion after every performance before redundantly turning to the actual judges who come onto the stage after every third performance and use standing ovations more liberally than Sony Entertainment Television telecasts CID.

I’m sick of Rakhi Sawant featuring on some or the other reality show round the year, promising to bid adieu every time some “drrrama heippins”. The Swayamvar thing took reality shows to a whole new level! Proud of you, girl [or whatever you are]!

I’m sick of Saroj Khan, her weird arrogance and her truck loads of make-up. I’m sick of the king of pelvic thrusts Mithoon Da judging the “biggest” dance competition on the tube. I’m sick of Geeta Ma who has not known how to shut her speech-hole up. I’m sick of Anu Malik and his instant shayaris on his only means of employment that are worse than the spam SMSes. I’m sick of Abhijeet Sawant who finally has a job and thinks he’s funny making a schmuck of himself. I’m sick of Shilpa Shetty who still thinks she is the hottest diva in the country. I’m sick of Ravi Behl. Period.

I’m sick of flop heroes of C-grade movies [read: Sameer Kochar] and not-even-that skimpily dressed females hosting the cricket shows. Sometimes, honestly, the awe-inspiring cricketing knowledge of these pretty faces and the sheer quality of the questions they ask the veterans on the show make me miss even Mandira Bedi!

I’m sick of “Film Festivals” that serve the same old Bollywood crap in a new package. I’m sick of the daily soaps where the sole bread earner for the show is feminine rivalry and 61.62% of the time is wasted on close-ups of the faces of everyone present in the scene after every dialogue. I’m sick of the Expletive Channel, formerly MTV. I’m sick of Hindi electronic journalism. I'm sick of the long narratives. I’m sick of what makes news today.

I’m sick of India TV.

It’s time to wake up and bring some goddamned shape to this mess. Enough of rona-dhona. We make the TRPs. We bring the advertisers. We are the change we want to see but are reluctant to put our fingers on it. Lets not degrade ourselves in absence of options. JAAG!


There are a few things that bother me. Rather, they piss me off. And what’s the most discouraging, if not disgusting, is the scale that these ‘evils’ have adopted. The text above was the second in the series of a campaign of sorts that I’m starting – JAAG! Help me if you want to by spreading the word. I am no hardcore optimist. I don’t hope this text is going to make any substantial difference in the way people think. But I’m a dreamer. And there’s a difference between the two.


  1. and the bad thing is that..we have to pay to watch all this shit :-x

  2. That's what is the root of the evil! Subscribe to DTHs and avoid paying for such channels. WE are the power!

  3. excellent! i love the part about '’m sick of the daily soaps where the sole bread earner for the show is feminine rivalry and 61.62% of the time is wasted on close-ups of the faces of everyone present in the scene after every dialogue.'
    there's just overwhelming quantity when it comes to tv shows today, but no quality at all.. :(

  4. Ty! (:

    Seriously! The Home TV days were so much more fun!

  5. Seriously what's wrong with television. I miss the good ole days...Bharat Ek Khoj, Tamas, Jaane Bhi Do Yaaron(were you born then?)

    I stopped watching Hindi channels long time back, reality shows make me want to throw up!! People are now getting paid to make a complete ass of themselves on national television.
    The Hindi serials are regressive, caught in a time warp and make no sense.

    Me I prefer Nigella Feasts...if you watch her show, you will know why

  6. I guess I wasn't. But either Jaane Bhi Do Yaaron or Yeh Jo Hai Zindagi 9whichever features Satish Shah) was my dad's fave. He still tells me stories about the quality of shows then. (and then ends up wtching crap like 'Baat Hamari Pakki Hai' with mom everyday!!!

    I have no clue who Nigella Feasts is, but I'll check her out on Google.

  7. seriously dude, NERVE shattering it is (btw, SAB is cool).....but whats wrong with you??? I mean, writing this minute details implies you yourself have been watching these shit load of crap....ahem ahem, a'int I right?

  8. Yeah, I guess, SAB is relatively much better.

    And I was home for a week with NOTHING to do. Got my dose!

  9. I just wish there was a button to 'Superlike' this post

  10. must say this blog calls for a standing ovation !!!.... :)

  11. Thank you, sir! Aap bhi ban gaye reality show ke judge!

  12. "we love them, we hate them but we can't ignore them"
    this line holds good for all these shows :)

  13. thank god some one said something!!!

    Rakhi sawant sud be banned,without a 2nd thought,nd mithun in a dance show is da most offensive thing ever!!!

    Oh! btw,I loved the way u have started ur post...lovely,"very-you"

  14. @ Sweta: Well, actually we can. Deciding not to watch substandard shows is just like voting a "negative vote" in the general elections in the absence of someone suitable.

  15. @ Being Alive: And it doesn't stop here. Spread the word!!

    Without doubt!

    Thanks! Felt nice (:

  16. "girl [or whatever u are]" liked this for Rakhi Sawant.
    Very intellectual and a lot JAAG kinda post.
    Stick to DTHs then to pay for the all bloody channels featuring fuckin reality shows. I m also sick of these shows.

    Now its time to JAAG. so let us JAAG.

  17. I still didn't get the whole concept of "JAAG" is it a revolution? a moment? a club? a secret society? a political party? an initiative by an MBA? your entrepreneurial venture? an NGO? a new blog/website? social do one join this, what do you do? what is the aim? how do you achieve it? is it legal? is it registered? do you have a plan? where is it located? what are the future prospects?
    do I have to ask all these questions individually before you let the drapes fall off "JAAG"??? come on man vut the "mystery" shit!!!
    ...........bah!! MBAs......... :T

  18. won't say much...let's 'JAAG'...:)

  19. @ Mukesh: Exactly, man! Thanks!! (:

  20. @ Addy: LOL!!! honestly!! never saw such instant results!! we MBAs sure know how to market a product. let the hype rule!!

    jokes apart, i'm in the process of talking to various people right now. the nxt post is about JAAG!. Right now 'JAAG!' means "Write. Awaken."


  21. this is my first comment on ur blog...have read most of them....great going dude!!!u seem to have gone to the next level of writing....keep it up!! u seem to have gone through a lot of torture watching rakhi sawant and reality shows...take a break and watch some football

  22. one, kaisa hai bhai????? long time!!

    two, thanks a ton! haan yaar, ghar pe saat din tha, ro pada!! football palle nahi padti bhai!

  23. It is even horrible when the news channel showcases some parts of those reality shows .....

    As usual maja aa gaya padh ke...

  24. Yaar, you know what, I wanted to include that point as well. But somehow, it slipped off my mind while the inception of the post!

    thanks! (:

  25. As usual, a superb post by the MangoMan!

    When television was first invented, it was believed that it would take learning to an exciting, new level for humanity. However, look what it has developed into?

    Television requires so little interaction that it doesn't give people a chance to think what bullshit they are seeing, or encourage people to form their own opinions. And yes, I do agree with you completely, chief! ;-) I am fed up of all that shit, too! A little television is no bad thing, but I do feel it can stifle creativity and that far too many families just passively absorb whatever bullshit is on their screen instead of having a decent conversation.

    Thus, I prefer the internet, by far.

    PS: Waiting to know about "JAAG!"

  26. Seriously, being a couch potato is indulgence - with the least required physical and mental activity. Inertia is what could best describe the present exploitation of this by the showmakers.

    Family conversations are going out! Sad!

    JAAG! in he next post! (: Thnks!

  27. dude thats what you said in the last post......."next post is about JAAG!"
    I'm curious!!! Let it out now!

    btw wats with this "ulta smiley" thing? another of your MBA gimmicks? (: looks weird!

  28. full support for dis *jaag* campaign of urs.........
    loved the post...n pls not to forget taarak mehta..never seen a more sad sit-com.....makes me wanna cry instead of laugh......sigh!!!!!!!

  29. @ Addy: Plans change, man! Thought of doing some ground work before the "launch"!

    The ulta smiley symbolises a lot of things. For one, it's sinister! (:

  30. @ Jitsy: Thanks! I appreciate it!

  31. Dude, seriously, u have hit the nail right upon the head. It is in a bad shape indeed. Let's see what jaag has to offer.

  32. Bad, bad shape! JAAG will just be a result of a desire to see a change!

  33. I think this post exemplifies DARK COMEDY:)

    True to the core. I mean, I even hate to watch the promos of the new movies. All of them have the same deeply annoying disco lights flashing all the friggin time!!

    And look at the news channels. "Aayiye hum aapko batate hain Big B ne kya tweet kiya. SRK ne kya h@ga." AAaaaarrgghhh!!

    Am happy with the net n my hard disk.

  34. Thanks, man!! (: Indeed, what makes news today is something appalling!! net and hard disk...nice way to put it (:

  35. Actually, aside from all thats been discussed here by people I am sure everyone wants kkkkEkta to be questioned in some Janta Darbaar for having innovated (and still counting) newer means of social destruction.

  36. kEkta should actually be made to watch all the tv soaps in a solitary confinement for the oil spillage she started with KSBKBT!!

  37. Wow, you must be beaming incessantly with everybody lauding you inside out, upside down out here.
    Somehow, it seems to me(and I may be wrong, but you know what they say about a woman's intuition) you are an avid follower of each and every one of these reality shows that you so demonstrably loathe. I was a fan of the 90s TV too, (Small Wonder, Duck Tales, I dream of Jeannie, Bewitched, BQC and what not), but I don't loathe TV today (except Cartoon Network - those guys have ruined it all). Saas Bahu aside (Gen-Y doesnt watch that crap, so no point in discussing it), Indian TV was never really meant to educate (was it?). Remember "Just Mohabbat" and "Filmy Chakkar" and "Family No.1"..shows like that exist today too, but everything that isn't a reality show is stereotyped as "Saas Bahu". If you're looking for educational stuff - discovery, nat geo is the best - why blame India TV?

    As far as all these music-oriented reality shows are concerned - they aren't that bad! Different singers from all over, rocking to songs from the 60s, decked up in retro wear to boot. It's lovely. Why only set your binoculars on anu malik and the likes - he's the worst thing in the show -and deserves to be ignored. Don't just diss talent shows - they do not compromise on those 2-3 minutes per song per contestant...diss just the judges n anchors. Melodrama has always been an integral part of entertainment in India - People love it, and I've only begun to value it after living in a country bereft of emotions and excitement - their mindset fits your bill- intellectual, practical and sensible. Their TV shows SUCK. They do not have an entertainment industry.

    Value the excitement and drama. Intellect and pragmatism still hold their own in many tenets.

  38. aaahhh...aren't we all sick of these ?? btw though i m following u i dont get ur blog updates ...i seemed to have missed quite a few !

  39. cliche, degraded and devoid of soul... from me dese are words shuited for d idiot box...

  40. @ The Podium: I'll take everything one by one.

    One, Your intuition can't be wrong-er, mam! My schedule out here doesn't allow me to watch TV [cricket matches excluded, my first love!]. So the only time I do watch TV is when I'm at home that would be some 15 days last year!! The rest 350 days, I'm totally detached! Till last week, I was a t hoem between sessions where my Dad has subscribed to the DishTV package that telecasts this turd (no nat geo, no sports channels). So having nothing to do, I turned for comfort to the tube and was shocked!!! Hence the post.

    Two, Television was way more superior in the quality of telecasts a few years back when we were teens. Agreed that we weren't mature enough then to understand the nuances, but melodrama and shit like that started creeping around '98! Hence the post.

    Three, This post is not about me. JAAG is an initiative to awaken people by writing. Its not about me turning to other channels. Its about making others realizing the same that they do not degrade themselves in absence of options. Hence the post.

    Four, Indeed there are some awesome minutes in reality shows as well. But there are stuff that can be looked into and improved. Hence the post.

    Five, I feed on the Western TV shows. Sitcoms there ARE funny. Every line. There are SEASONS. Shows do not run continuously. They are taken off air after a few months of telecast. And this period of homework makes the next season awesome again. This needs to be done here as well. Hence the post.

    Six, I personally thought the drama is being promoted a lot more than it should be. HENCE THE POST.

    Hope I've been able to justify this post of mine! Thanks a ton for taking time out and commenting! I appreciate it!! (:

  41. @ Vicious: We sure are!! Strange! This might be the case with other blogs you're following as well. Contact Blogger help forum. (:

  42. @ Ankesh: Couldn't agree more. Let's hope people understand!

  43. " We make the TRPs. We bring the advertisers. "

    That, my friend, is why things will never change. Do you have any idea how many housewives watch that shit? How many of them love it? How many of them "relate" to it? We are a nation that deserves our media, our sentationalism and our TV shows.

    But I agree with all your points. It's the reason why I don't watch anything on TV except sports and English serials.

    What saddens me most is not the soaps and the saas-bahu crap, but what has been made of our "news" channels. They are no longer so much about news as they are about projecting mountains out of mole-hills and dramatizing the news.

  44. Were things always like this?? No. They changed.

    And there shouldn't be an iota of doubt to the fact that things will change again for the better.

    Womenfolk are getting more educated by the day. Housewives is increasingly becoming an extinct species.

    I'm still astonished to see that every damn married woman in larger than life families in our TV soaps is a housewife and the only things left to her are either plotting against a fellow feminine of weeping bucketloads of tears!

    Once more and more XX head towards the workplace, the "relating" quotient will come drastically down. And there will be a change! Godspeed!

  45. Okay, so since we're so supremely concerned about how the masses cater to their entertainment needs, shouldn't your post be directed more towards educating people about other options which are apparently absent? You feed on american sitcoms, but it isn't mentioned even once in your

    How about awakening people by informing, rather than such a Gordon Ramsey approach. We both agree that Indian TV was superior in the past, so there is no point about discussing Indian TV anymore (how much will you discard saas-bahu theatrics- it's beyond banal now, and all we can do is diss it, which isn't anything much except that it's glorified by your satirical style). Shouldn't providing examples, links etc feed your cause more than the current content of your post?

    Like, tell people - Watch Seinfeld, Big Bang, Grey's, Southpark yada yada ya..that would give them a direction, for those who are completely out of the loop. Compare the content, the acting - promote the difference in class. All this, of course, since we're such dedicated humanitarians who feel Indian TV is intellectually impoverished (Hence, your post).

    By the way, I can't comment from my blog ID here can I? I'm on wordpress, but this stupid blogspot place is only confined to blogspot blogs (my old cca blog, which is now defunct). Argh. Btw, Shobha De replied to you? What'd she say?

  46. Oh Oh oops. I'm "The Podium" by the way, but That's not my name...that's not my name.. :D

  47. 失去金錢的人,失去很多;失去朋友的人,失去更多;失去信心的人,失去所有。.................................................................

  48. @ Nikita aka The Podium: First, I cant help smiling (: (: And I have no clue why.

    You gotta understand that if something like 'JAAG!' needs to be successful, it shouldn't be in the preaching-mode. Unless the post connects to the reader, it'll be just another piece of crap. One has to gain attention by tools like sarcasm and then redirect that very attention towards the malaise. Solutions will automatically follow. Plus, honestly, a really long post has no readers. That's a brutal reality. So there's no point in writing something that no one even makes effort to read. I believe it should be something that would make the scrolling of a mouse as smooth as a baby's bum!

    American sitcoms and other options could have been mentioned and I agree to that! I think of it until you talked about the western shows! Point taken!

    I have disabled other forms of commenting on my blog. Blogspot aint that bad. Why don't you gimme the link to your blog? Would love to hop over.

    P.S. This comment was the reddest chilly I ever got on my blog! "Dedicated humanitarians", "Gordon Ramsey", "supremely concerned"!! Bring them on! I'm loving it!

    P.P.S. Shobhaa De did mail me. Something like "that particular blogpost was the politically incorrect column that sunday but she respected my opinion". (: (:

  49. Emotional drama is more these days on TV.
    Nice post! :)

  50. liked the post.. still tv is everything for ppl like my mom who stay alone almost always..
    most distressing is the fact that wat others get to know abt india n wat we get to know abt the other cultures and countries is thru the media, esp these tv shows..
    media has a bigger responsibility
    dus whole of america has nothing to do but sit in coffee shops with frenz!
    thats wat is being conveyed!
    btw, i was glad to see bollywood style dance given as a challenge to performers in - so u think u can dance.. but wat they performed was hilarious.

  51. Well, interesting views! especially the nothing to do but sit in a coffee shop wala!!

    for ur mom, ummmm, sympathy factor!

    dekhta hun kabhi dat episode of sutucd!

  52. My first time here. Interesting post but it is something that has been written about a lot many times but your perspective is good. I really like the title 'intellectual rape'. :)

  53. There's always a first time (: Be in touch!

    As a matter of fact, this is something about which I havent come across much text over the web. Anyway, thank ya!

  54. Very valid point put forward, but you know that these crappy shows exist and run because there is 'DEMAND'.... do you think the Channel managers don't know that these shows are crappy? I can guarantee that they won't even switch on their own channel once they go home...This certainly doesn't mean that what channels are doing is correct but audience are as much responsible for this crap as channels...'JAAG' can surely help :) good luck!!

  55. @ BI: I would go a step forward to say that ONLY the audience are responsible for the plague! Thanks!! (:

  56. Funny how you start your smileys with a pout :P

    I must say I'm quite disappointed. It's like conforming to the same social paradigm that we so heartily desist. You have to agree with me that in the end, it's all about catering to the masses - making things interesting, grabbing attention, meeting the demand, ensuring success. And most often, we lose the crux of the content in our quest to deliver. The TV people do the same thing and get shunned by you, and your fan following joins in on the criticism, but let's not delve into that again (we've discussed TV more than enough).

    Of course, nobody would buy your stuff without attractive packaging - that's important, no doubt.'t.stop.there. You dont have to write long drabby content that emanates sagacity - nobody wants that. But why give people candy floss when you can give them creamy chocolate fudge? It's not like the important stuff will act like poo poo on the baby's bum. You gotta give yourself more credit than that. You gotta give JAAG more credit than that.

    If to AWAKEN, is to garner more support towards the apparent malaise that is so infectiously pervasive in society..then you're just talking to a bunch of people who are already wide awake..It becomes redundant. So just.. strike a good balance, you know?

    I personally like your blog better than Shobha De's even..but I sense a lot of conflict...and this isnt the appropriate platform to elaborate. JAAG is a superb initiative...and you know you can do much better still - your writing is self-efficacious...know that.

    About my blog - well, I haven't brought it in the public limelight...because then when I write, I inadvertently begin thinking of what other people will think..and that affects my writing and I hate that..and I'm a seasonal writer, so there's no point really..and now that I've gotten rid of "The Podium" title so now it's fine. :P

    And thanks for being so receptive (not that I expected any lesser). :)

    P.S. chillies are good as long as you have one or two..let's see how long you're able to take the mirchie :P
    And, apologies for the late response..I wanted to reply vistaar mein...but wasn't getting time.


  57. (: I wont have problems with mirchies, whatever their number might be! Actually I quite look forward to them!

    Now just because the people who have commented seem "already wide awake", doesn't surely mean so. Plus, there are manyyyy other readers of my blog who don't care to comment. That chunk might again have people who might have been still sleeping! Still, I'll try to strike a good balance!

    Thanks for all the nice words...always better than the mirchies! d: I never thought mirchies ke saath mithaiyan bhi milengi! (:

    It's your call. I would personally love to read as many blogs as I can in my lifetime!

    Cheers back!

  58. Wow...And Wow
    Firstly because I just realized that I don't watch Indian television..Heck I did not know of a single show you have mentioned...Reality shows brought MTV Roadies and Splitvilla to my mind..And I don't think much of either of those two shows..So..

    And you are right..Have seen my mum watching Colors (Euurgh) and silly flashy over the top singing and dancing rubbish...It is all so sad..What is more sad is that such outrageous shows have viewership...What does that say..I wonder... :| ..Oh that's not right... |: Much better now (;

  59. Thanks! (: You are then one of the rarest breeds of humans who are unadulterated by kEktaism even today! Salute!

  60. Oi, did you like, get my relpy? Not sure if it went through. The internet is so konked out here.

  61. Oi, I didn't. It got lost in the way just like Amy Winehouse's career.

  62. Oh, this post is meant for my generation. We were the ones treated with some of the best shows on the television in our times. and we are the ones who are decreasing the quality. Very inpactful.

  63. Eeek. I don't remember what I wrote :| What a bummer.

  64. Do you actually make these sounds in speech as well?? Oi, Eeek.

  65. @ Shyam Sir: Probably, yes! thanks! (:

  66. A question in response to another one!

    Sound effects are always welcome. I was just curious if you use it in the spoken form of communication as well ala tiku talsania, utpal dutt or apna mithoon da!

  67. Great, now I'm being connected to Mithun. As if having an old ugly bald-headed loser of a President's name wasn't bad enough.

    And no, I do not produce sound effects.

  68. One, do not dare to insult Lord Mithoon Da by misspelling his name.

    Two, Why only think about the glass half empty? Didn't Elton John write some song for you years back?

  69. That he did. :) And very beautifully too. But even he is gay..but that's okay.

    I sincerely apologise for the faux pas..if only I knew he meant that much to you.
    Pray, what can I do to make up for it? *Falls down on her knees and begs for forgiveness*

  70. Check this out, if you haven't already:

  71. How does that matter??

    I can just wish the wrath of Lord doesn't fall upon thee. You can pay for your sin, though, by closing your eyes and singing "Chad gaya uupar re...atariya pe lotan kabootar re" 108 times in full volume.


  72. I have been a regular reader of FN since time immemorial now, though, i must admit that the quality has been falling real bad.

  73. Yeah, with pelvic thrusts to boot.

    Oh, really? I just found out about FN today. Had lost the zest for blogs until recently. There are a lot of these JAAG!-type parallels in the blogosphere. All of you should hook-up...there was this group that organised a protest march also during that whole reservation thing...and everybody gave personal accounts of how successful the march was in their city, or otherwise..some got beaten up by the police as well, and bragged valiantly about it. Very feisty, and demonstrably so.

  74. C:

    There sure are. Its not so simple to"hook-up", mam! Plus, there's always a certain degree of association with your own "venture".

    Btw, your frequent use of "demonstrably so" reflects the busketloads of cynicism stored inside. Why?

  75. Oh did I use that term too sparingly? Didn't realise. This time, however, I meant anything but cynicism. I think it's brilliant; they have a right to boast about their courage - their thoughts and initiative were all translated to action. And that's where most of these initiatives fail.

    And, you really can't be serious. Association with your own venture? It's more important to get more reader hits on your blog than it is to integrate and come up with something big, that can actually translate to tangible outcomes?

    All I am saying is - you could liaise. Think about the potential. All like-minded individuals coming together for a common cause - opportunities for networking, garnering support and expanding. And this is not even mutually exclusive to your own personal prerogative over your "venture". Unless of course, I have been fundamentally wrong in thinking that the whole point of such initiatives was to find more people that are on the same page..while kicking the forward bums of those who aren't.

  76. Holy crap! This post just got everything away from you! You are just being mean because you want to be mean! Loving it! :D

    I took some juniors' interview yesterday and this was all I was doing. Baaton ko pakad ke unko relate karna aapas mein. Bahot mazaa aata hai and it's a child's play as well. The whole basis when someone argues like this is that they want to be mean and ridicule. (We in the interview wanted to check the stress management levels of the candidates, though)

    I know that you know what I'm saying. The desired effect is to bring about resonance. But where do you have greater control over the movement when it takes a big size? Plus, everyone has the luxury of posting on thier own blogs thereby increasing readership!

    I'm a member of various forums like yuvavoice where people give the links to blogs at the end of the posts. Why make it this redundant! Write it on your own blog!

    If you still cant understand, you'll be like one idiot interviewer who comes across as a bad cop instantaneously!

    P.S. When I asked you to keep the mirchies flowing, I meant ki wo teekhi bhi honi chahiye! This one totally killed the feel! Childish! Better luck next time!

  77. hahaha..i'm enjoying the intellectual rape

  78. Wow, look at you chirping happily from the fence of defence. My turn. And boy is it going to be long.

    My suggestion was hardly any form of censure, let alone empty censure. I was appalled that this whole argument of having your own personal initiative was even brought up - because I never suggested that you move away from your own space. Like I said, it was never mutually exclusive. Nobody asked you to go on other blogs and post there. That's redundant, like you mentioned.

    I did suggest that you could talk to these people, and work on ideas to increase the pervasiveness of such initiatives. That's it. If such a suggestion confers upon me the sash of an idiotic mean child, so be it. I'll happily adorn it.

    If you are a member of such forums - you could have a thread where all the masterminds behind such blogs come together. Not for posting mini novels, but for discussion purposes. And about having control over events that go BIG - it is totally possible. For eg - if you're residing in Jamshedpur, you get a group that is based there. And when struck with an impetus, you get together and act. It can be anything, and needless to say, I do not mean impractical pursuits which go nowhere. Still, these things are mostly done by politically-inclined and active youth groups.

    Anyhow, I probably exceeded expectations. You wished I would just sit and spurt teekhi mirchies at you - that would be baseless criticism.
    Also, when I comment - my purpose has not been (demonstrably so :P ), to laud or criticise your ideas. I comment with the purpose of suggesting what could be added on, what more can be done. Bas, aur kuch nahi.


  79. Chirp-Chirp!

    Come on! you so wanted me to go there! Itni angrezi toh samajh mein aati hai, bhale hi zada na aati ho!

    If I get the meaning of 'pervasiveness' right, isnt JAAG! intended to do that? Those forums would never have as many readers as the readers of the blogs of all the writers combined.

    Personally, I do not believe in Internet discussions on forums(other than my blog of course :P). I just post articles. But, that's a different issue altogether.

    I do not need a group of people from those blogs. I think I have it in me to gather a mature crowd and then go along together. I have done stuff like nukkad nataks, peace marches, bike rallies, walks, etc to attract attention to various malaises and I love doing that.

    Regarding the baseless criticism, that's exactly what I do not want you to do, madame! You didn't exceed expectations. You lowered the bar with the last second comment.

    Cheers, or demonstrably so!! d:

  80. The forums I am talking about - have nothing to do with readership. It's only meant for discussion - but since you're personally not okay with that, that's fine and from now on - irrelevant.

    It's great you've already done stuff like that - that's what my whole point has been all along. Had you mentioned it earlier, it would've put rest to my musings.

    Boy are you stubborn. Like, you grasp the ulta meaning of everything I say, and if not that, you dont understand what I say...rather, you are hell bent on not understanding what I'm saying, but dedicated to subjecting my comment to your derogatory opinion. Yeah, I really lowered the bar by suggesting you do something which you apparently already have done. What a Shame.

    Kudos to your blog and its holy readers.

    Do continue your endeavours in high spirits.

  81. I plainly don't know what to write. Arguing with a female has invariably been weird. Everyone calls everyone stubborn when the argument quotient is equal in both the cases. And everyone seems to ridicule the apparent fact that the next guy is actually not getting the point!!!! And that's like the easiest thing to do!

    I would reeeeeally advise you to re-read through our comments. I rest my case, mam!

  82. hypocrite: A person who professes beliefs and opinions that he or she does not hold in order to conceal his or her real feelings or motives.

    I just hope you knew this because this is something new!!! You sure are a female!!

    And you sure are "out". Next time you're "sober", re-read. :D :D

  83. Haha. An assault on my gender. That's the best you can come up with? Haha.

    It's okay..very telling. Aam Aadmi jo ho.

  84. One, that wasn't an assault. That was a fact.
    Two, that wasn't the best. The best one was the out-sober bit.
    Three, Kab tak jiyengi XX ablaa naari banke. Have a dekko:

  85. Btw, the point three above wasn't me not "understanding" you!! It was just something I wanted you to read. Fir se mat lag jana samjhaane!

  86. You want me to read sexism-infested posts?

  87. I just want to make fun of ur sex.

  88. Like like like.

    You hit the hammer right on the head there, you! TV seems so alien today. Nice read it was.

  89. I like Channel V and MTV. Rest to poore shit hai. Very interesting read!!!

  90. LOLzzzz...sahi bola bhai...poora rape hai...specially the news channels....jaag!

  91. @ Sapna: Thanks thanks thanks!! (:

  92. @ Prajkta: Thanks!! (: Even [V] and MTv have deteriorated like hell!! Axe your ex type shows have proliferated that are neither cool nor funny at all!!

  93. LOL!!!
    Khoob bajayi hai bhaiya sare channels ki. bahot closely observe karte ho. very very phunny!!!!

  94. Closely nahi observe karta bhai! Jab saat din zabardasti dekhna padey yahi sab toh ho jata hai!! (:

  95. LOLzzzz!!!! Emosanal atyachar se mujhe bhi bachna hai bhaiii...

  96. Some of the stuff on the tube is still good. Do not rule out everything.

    An awesome read, as usual. I sometimes feel commenting is futile. You know how awesome it is.

  97. @ Nila: Sure it is! But the overall standards have plummeted real low!

    Thanks! (: Cummon, you know how much I treasure every word commented here! (:

  98. Someone had to say something about it. Glad you did. And what's with this new drama of pushin the shows post the prime time! Can't there be a mechanism of banning such shows rather than trying to make more news?

  99. @ DP: Totally agree!! These news just give more PR to the shitty shows! Huh!


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