Friday, September 24, 2010

So ja bachche, laado so ja

Meri Rajjo, meri laado
Baarah baras ki ho gayi aaj
Gubbare laaye hain iske chachu
Chhupte chhupate
Karfoo laga hai na ghaati mein
Nikalna manaa hai
Apne ghar se apne hi bageeche mein
Nikalna manaa hai

Teen gubbare laaye hain
Teeno laal
Bada pasand hai rajjo ko
Bachpan se koi aur rang
Dekha hi nahi na bechari ne

Raaton ko jab shor machta hai
Sannate ka
Neend nahi aati laado ko
Kehti hai ammi, kahani sunao
Sona hai

Thapkiyan deti hun usey
Is dozakh ke dard ke saath
Is dozakh ke jhooth ke saath

"Nahi rahe jo baag bageeche
Kal se dekhna fir se khilenge
Tootey jo saawan ke jhooley
Kal se dekhna fir se hilenge

Aag ka gola nahi girega
Tu ghar se bahar niklegi
So ja bachche, laado so ja
Kal se thandi hawa bahegi"


Ek awaz si aayi toh hai
Dil mera dehla to hai
Rajjo, uth ja, Rajjo
Bahot so liya
Uth ja na

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Chulbul Pandey in XLRI

We at XL know one thing - to live life XL size! We have formal committees for the most informal of all things in the world. While the most popular committee ensures the absence of sobriety on the campus, Film Lovers In XLRI (FLIX) has pirates who screen awesome-quality shit on huge lecture screens. If it's a movie, it's on FLIX.

I'm one of the six pirates of the campus. We have screened all kinds of movies - from downrightly sleazy to cult classics with audience-of-five. But, this Tuesday was different. We screened Dabangg. The rest is history.

Marketing maniac that I think I am, this was the first teaser that I sent to the batch.

Normally, teasers cease to be anything more than movie posters. They aren't teasers, really, in absence of the tease quotient. But hype had to be created this time. The subject of the teaser read "SCREENING OF THE YEAR".

By 8pm, Anshat and I decided to spice up the movie watching experience. We got popcorn, cold drinks and 'thanda' paan!!! And I sent out another teaser with strategically placed fonts.

Next, I printed out the following and stuck it in the hostel elevator.
(Munni Zandu Balm hui, Darrrling tere liye)

2315 hours. Lecture Hall 2. The experience.

Imagine sitting in a theatre in Bengal watching a Mithoon-Da movie from the first few rows with the "mass audience", as we elitists call them. The atmosphere was equally electrifying in XLRI. The hall with a seating capacity of 70 had 90 people to start with. Whistles, desk-bangings, roars of "Why are we waiting, FLIX is masturbating!"

Chulbul 'Robin Hood' Pandey then took the hall by a storm, a tsunami rather. It was a cheap, sleazy, double-meaning dime-a-dozen flick with a difference. Colossal screen presence of Salman even when he breaks into a dance everytime between a fight, Gawd-level action sequences and "Makkhi" - it was more than we could take. [Makkhi happens to be the nickname of a batchmate Nitin Makhija whose name was shouted everytime "Makkhi" was mentioned onscreen].

Dialogues like "Dekhen, kiske batashe kitney gol hain!" [Let's see, who has the balls!"] flared the lecture hall more than what's happening in Kashmir.

And, among all this, there was Anshat, shouting out his sales-pitch "Popcorn-popcorn-popcorn"!!!!

A night to remember!